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History of Harnaś Restaurant

The restaurant, founded by Jan Słowiński, born in 1875 in Dobrowody – Monastyryska in Eastern Lesser Poland, has a rich history. Jan Słowiński, an educated and excellent court chef, worked at the manor houses of Rzezień – Rzechów and for the counts Hagen and Zarembin.

After arriving in Zakopane in 1900, Słowiński worked at the famous Dłuski Sanatorium. He started his own business in 1903 in Zakopane and later in Stare Kościeliska in the Kościeliska Valley, where he leased an inn from Count Zamoyski. After purchasing plots at the entrance to the Kościeliska Valley from Mr. Szymborski, father of the Nobel Prize winner Wisława Szymborska, he built a restaurant named Jan Słowiński’s Restaurant.

After the war, the communists took over the restaurant, reducing it, like all of Poland, to a mere tavern for the plebs. During their rule, both the house and the restaurant were physically and reputationally destroyed. We regained the restaurant and property in 1987. After revitalizing it, we have been running the restaurant since 1989 under the name Harnaś Restaurant.

Janusz Dawidek, the grandson of Jan Słowiński, and Magdalena Dawidek invite guests.

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